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Results for 2020 Events
Mar 21, 2020
Big Fish: Frank Scarla, 4.98lbs
May 23, 2020
Big Fish: Daniel Boyd, 3.86lbs
Jun 20, 2020
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 2.82lbs
Aug 29, 2020
Big Fish: Jeremy McKay, 5.48lbs
Oct 11, 2020
Big Fish: Tom McArt, 5.98lbs
Results for 2019 Events
Mar 31, 2019
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 3.36lbs
Apr 27, 2019
Big Fish: Mark Braeme, 4.77lbs
May 18, 2019
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 2.13lbs
Jun 22, 2019
Big Fish: Tanner Holmes, 3.68lbs
Aug 17, 2019
Big Fish: Vinny Roberts, 2.32lbs
Sep 21, 2019
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 7.02lbs
Oct 5, 2019
Big Fish: Ryan Fordham, 3.91lbs
Results for 2018 Events
Mar 17, 2018
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 3.20lbs
May 5, 2018
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 3.24lbs
Aug 18, 2018
Big Fish: Mark Braeme, 3.52lbs
Sep 15, 2018
Big Fish: Wiley Henry, 3.53lbs
Sep 22, 2018
Big Fish: Tim Boles, 4.69lbs
Oct 20, 2018
Big Fish: Patrick Pierce, 4.20lbs
Oct 27, 2018
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 3.70lbs
Results for 2017 Events
Mar 11, 2017
Big Fish: Todd Woolard, 5.64lbs
Apr 15, 2017
Big Fish: Nathan Bromley, 4.65lbs
May 13, 2017
Big Fish: Larry Cross, 6.22lbs
Jun 3, 2017
Big Fish: J. R. Williams, 3.56lbs
Jun 24, 2017
Big Fish: Mike Tate, 4.26lbs
Aug 12, 2017
Big Fish: Nathan Bromley, 6.13lbs
Sep 16, 2017
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 4.13lbs
Oct 21, 2017
Big Fish: Patrick Pierce, 5.63lbs
10, 2017
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 3.54lbs
Results for 2016 Events
Mar 26, 2016
Excellent turn out to start the 2016 season. A record high number of boats in many years for CVBC with 14 boats, and a few others that had to drop out. River conditions were higher than usual, but the water was clearing and warming. Fish were biting and most teams were able to turn in a limit of bass.
Big Fish: Patrick Pierce, 4.40lbs
Apr 30, 2016
Big Fish: J. R. Williams, 5.06lbs
May 14, 2016
Big Fish: Matt Elliott, 5.52lbs
Jun 11, 2016
Big Fish: J. R. Williams, 3.84lbs
Jul 16, 2016
Big Fish: Nathan Bromley, 5.34lbs
Aug 13, 2016
Big Fish: Aubrey Holloway, 6.92lbs
Sep 10, 2016
Big Fish: Michael Conser, 3.59lbs
Sep 17, 2016
Big Fish: Joe Armijo, 3.61lbs
Oct 15, 2016
Big Fish: J. R. Williams, 3.92lbs
Oct 29, 2016
Big Fish: Patrick Pierce, 3.64lbs
Results for 2015 Events
Mar 28, 2015
Good start for 2015. 9 boats showed up and almost the entire field had limits. Good job Patrick and Fred with the win and Don weighing in a 4.98 largemouth to take big fish of the day! The river was about 8ft to start the day and water temps averaging between 55-56 all day.
Big Fish: Donald Baskett, 4.98lbs
Apr 25, 2015
Big Fish: Patrick Pierce, 7.69lbs
May 9, 2015
Big Fish: Michael Conser, 3.76lbs
Jun 6, 2015
Big Fish: David Soliz, 4.91lbs
Jul 11, 2015
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 1.85lbs
Aug 8, 2015
Big Fish: Mike Baskett, 5.49lbs
Sep 19, 2015
Big Fish: Donald Baskett, 7.27lbs
Sep 26, 2015
Big Fish: Chris Parks, 4.04lbs
Oct 17, 2015
Big Fish: Aubrey Holloway, 3.69lbs
Oct 25, 2015
Big Fish: Matt Elliott, 4.00lbs
Results for 2014 Events
Apr 26, 2014
This was the best turnout for any multi-club event so far! Congrats to Matt and Patrick for winning the overall tournament with 22.66 pounds of largemouth bass! Nice job Aubrey weighing in the biggest fish of the tournament, a 5.8lb largemouth.
Big Fish: Aubrey Holloway, 5.80lbs
May 17, 2014
6 boats showed up for the event at Hood River. Fishing conditions were favorable with many fish being caught and every team bringing a limit to the scales. It was windy and a bit rough on the main river, but nothing too out of the ordinary for Hood River. Nice job Patrick and Matt winning with just shy of 17lbs of smallmouth bass. Big fish award went to Josh and Fred with a 4.2lber.
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 4.20lbs
Jun 7, 2014
Big Fish: Joe Armijo, 2.84lbs
Jul 26, 2014
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 4.60lbs
Aug 16, 2014
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 5.29lbs
Sep 13, 2014
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 6.08lbs
Sep 14, 2014
Big Fish: Tracy Braeme, 5.45lbs
Sep 20, 2014
18 Boats showed up for the 2nd annual Last Chance Open on the Willamette River out of Newberg, Oregon. Big thanks to everybody that showed up! Congrats to Westin Yancey and Brian C for winning with a nice 13+ pound bag of smallmouth bass. Ryan Furno turned in the biggest fish of the tournament, a 5.93 smallmouth! Many other giant smallmouth turned in as well!
Big Fish: Ryan Furno, 5.93lbs
Oct 18, 2014
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 4.20lbs
Oct 25, 2014
Good turn out for the final CVBC tournament of 2014. 9 Boats, and some great weights on the river. Weather was pretty nasty, but the fish didn't mind. Congrats to Mike Tate and Aubrey. They both have earned free entry to all club tournaments in 2015!
Big Fish: Mike Tate, 3.95lbs
Results for 2013 Events
Mar 30, 2013
Mike Baskett total weight before 5 minute late to ramp penalty was 22.65 lbs.
Big Fish: Bryon Smith, 6.83lbs
Apr 27, 2013
** The tournament BIG FiSH winner.. Our very own Josh with a 5.83 lb largemouth. ** AJ Gilbert had a guest Co-Angler Ryan, Mark Trotter had a guest Co-Angler Todd. This was our first Multi-Club tournament of the season. The drivers meeting and blast off went very well. The weigh in went very smoothly with each of the clubs' tournament directors helping out.
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 5.83lbs
May 23, 2013
8 boats showed up. 14 anglers from the club and 2 guests. Bryon smith had big fish for the day of 3.8 lbs. This was a non team style tournament. 1st Boater: Bryon Smith 2nd Boater: Mark Trotter 1st Non-Boater: Don Baskett 2nd Non-Boater: Joe Armijo
Big Fish: Bryon Smith, 3.80lbs
Jun 1, 2013
Big Fish: Byron Chaves AKA B, 4.43lbs
Jul 27, 2013
BIG FISH was a tie between Byron and Aubrey and they split the money.
Big Fish: Byron Chaves AKA B, 4.86lbs
Aug 17, 2013
Big Fish: Byron Chaves AKA B, 3.86lbs
Sep 7, 2013
The club faced what was probably the toughest conditions so far this season. The water levels had just recently dropped to a considerable low level. Visibility was crystal clear to about 15 ft in some areas and the winds came up putting swells and white caps on the open areas. The productive fishing came to those who went deeper. Too bad we didn't keep score for all those under 12 inch fish that seemed to be biting well. But it bodes well for the future of fishing there.
Big Fish: Mike Tate, 2.01lbs
Oct 5, 2013
This Multi-Club Tournament was hosted by Emerald Bass Club. There were 9 boats total and Mark/Mike placed 3rd overall.
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 2.87lbs
Oct 19, 2013
Congratulations to Patrick Pierce and Aubrey Holloway !! Your CVBC tournament entry fees will be free for the 2014 season.
Big Fish: Patrick Pierce, 3.91lbs
Results for 2012 Events
Apr 15, 2012
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 2.29lbs
Apr 28, 2012
9 boats fished, 1 did not attend the weigh in. First place was awarded $810 for winning and big fish.
Big Fish: John Sevc, 6.21lbs
May 26, 2012
Big Fish: Mark Trotter, 2.76lbs
Jun 9, 2012
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 3.13lbs
Jun 10, 2012
Big Fish: A. J. Gilbert, 1.35lbs
Jul 14, 2012
Big Fish: Bryon Smith, 5.07lbs
Aug 18, 2012
4 Boats showed up and all caught a limit.
Big Fish: Byron Chaves AKA B, 3.48lbs
Sep 28, 2012
Big Fish: Byron Chaves AKA B, 2.50lbs
Oct 6, 2012
Big Fish: Tracy Braeme, 1.30lbs
Oct 27, 2012
Conditions: River level was 7.95 / 16,600 at blast off, and by weigh in was at 8.11 / 17,300. Air temps were mid 50's the barometer was at 30.1 and fell gradually. It rained, and the winds were south at 12, gusting to 21mph at noon. It was good to see our 2012 Angler Of The Year, Rob Beck at the weigh in, unfortunately with the arm in a sling, but recovering well for next season.
Big Fish: A. J. Gilbert, 3.50lbs
Results for 2011 Events
Mar 26, 2011
Wallace Park. Draw Format.
Big Fish: Barry Johnson, 3.73lbs
Apr 9, 2011
Green Peter. Draw Format. Big fish was a largemouth.
Big Fish: Larry Cross, 2.55lbs
Apr 30, 2011
The rest of the weights are not known at this time. If you have the weigh in sheet please sent it to us. 1st Place + Big Fish: $632. 2nd Place: $306. 3rd Place: $236. 4th Place: $165. 5th Place: $100. 6th Place: + Big small mouth: $160.
Big Fish: Mike Baskett, 3.93lbs
May 7, 2011
Draw Tournament. Very Tough Fishing.
Big Fish: Joe Armijo, 5.60lbs
Jun 11, 2011
Draw tournament. Good day of fishing.
Big Fish: A. J. Gilbert, 3.48lbs
Jul 16, 2011
Club Tournament. Draw Format.
Big Fish: Larry Cross, 4.60lbs
Aug 20, 2011
2 day club tournament. Draw Format.
Big Fish: A. J. Gilbert, 4.45lbs
Sep 24, 2011
Club tournament. Draw Format.
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 5.54lbs
Oct 22, 2011
Club Tournament. Draw Format. Low turn out.
Big Fish: Robert Beck, 4.01lbs
Nov 19, 2011
Tough day of fishing. Bryon and Mark earn free entry to all tournaments for 2012 CVBC.
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 3.55lbs
Results for 2010 Events
Apr 17, 2010
1st Place: $590. 2nd Place: $286. 3rd Place: $220. 4th Place + Big Fish: $304. 5th Place: $100
Big Fish: Kory Ray, 3.12lbs
May 11, 2010
Big Fish: Larry Cross, 5.17lbs
Jul 10, 2010
Big Fish: Byron Chaves AKA B, 5.45lbs
Aug 28, 2010
Big Fish: Aaron McAlexander, 3.86lbs
Oct 9, 2010
Big Fish: Josh Marthaller, 2.68lbs
Oct 30, 2010
Big Fish: A. J. Gilbert, 3.17lbs
Results for 2009 Events
Apr 11, 2009
Cash Payout: $2,660. Raffle Value: $749. Total: $3,409. Prices Raffled: 2 Shimano rod, gift certificate, battery, shirts, sweat shirt, and 25 tackle packs.
Big Fish: Neil Ward, 2.99lbs
Results for 2008 Events
Mar 28, 2008
Big Fish: Rob Cassidy, 6.42lbs
Apr 26, 2008
Big Fish: Jason Hooper, 4.38lbs
Jun 28, 2008
Big Fish: Stan Delbridge, 3.05lbs
Jul 12, 2008
Big Fish: Rob Cassidy, 2.66lbs
Aug 23, 2008
Big Fish: Larry Cross, 4.42lbs
Sep 20, 2008
Big Fish: Larry Cross, 4.11lbs
Oct 4, 2008
Big Fish: Bob McSween, 4.71lbs
Oct 25, 2008
Big Fish: Rob Cassidy, 3.94lbs
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